Homeopathic hcg Vs Prescription hcg for weight loss

Homeopathic HCG Vs. Prescription HCG Drops and Weight Loss

Hammering your brain to zero in on a hcg product? We are there to help you – partly. There are various hcg drops for weight loss that is available at your service right from homeopathic hcg to prescription hcg all over USA. But what works on your body best? Read on to know.

Homeopathic hcg drops

This is one of the least expensive hcg products you can buy online. Though FDA has banned selling of homeopathic hcg drops over the counter many products are available online at a cheap price. The genuineness of course is quite a challenge. It is always better to look for a company that offers you homeopathic hcg drops at a decent price with a brick and mortar location and the customer care contact number so as to help you get in touch if any queries pop up in your mind regarding usage/doses/dietary phases etc.

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Homeopathic hcg actually uses real human hcg (human chorionic gonadotrophin) or if in cases you do not want to use the natural hcg you can go in for bioidentical homeopathic hcg that is formulated in a medical lab.

Majority of people who have take the homeopathic hcg drops have noted right weight loss in the exact proportion just like those who used the Rx hcg route.

Homeopathic hcg drops are quite easy to use as they do not involve risks as compared to hcg injections. Many genuine companies also stand by the word and guarantee about the strengths and standards that are stated by them. The best part is you can get them without any prescription from your medical practitioner.

Prescription hcg drops

The main difference between sublingual hcg drops is just the fact that they are recommended by the medical practitioner.

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Prescription hcg drops share the similar results as seen in homeopathic hcg except for the fact that you can get them only with a right prescription. They are quite expensive as well because they are formulated in an entirely different manner to a more undiluted pharmaceutical grade strength.

The prescription hcg drops companies are governed by the FDA and requires medical guidance to get and use it in the right way.

Funnily, the hcg that is used in the prescription weight loss is not yet approved by FDA but they are used for many infertility treatments.

Side effects of hcg drops

It doesn't matter what hcg drops you choose, side effects is a definite occurence even if it is only for a temporary period. Some experience nausea, vomiting, constipation and many more during the initial weeks of diet. This is because they are suddenly put on a very low calorie diet that is putting pressure on the body.

However it fades away after the initial week. If you are willing to go ahead with the hcg drops diet then what the heck, I say go ahead and shed those extra pounds.

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