Triumph HCG – Weight Loss Drops

Triumph HCG is a popular brand for the weight loss HCG drops. Here the HCG dropsare available without the HCG hormone. People are always reluctant to use hormone fearing for any side effects. The Triumph HCG is a proven formula and has been used by many. People have successfully lost weight and have come forward to try another course to lose some more weight. Even though HCG is not scientifically proven to be aiding in weight loss, the HCG drops is provided in a safer diluted form that is mild on the body but have the right effect in mobilizing the stored fat and burning them for energy production, thus reducing the body weight by one pound every day.

triumph Triumph HCG Weight Loss Drops

Triumph HCG drops

The Triumph HCG drops are made with plant extracts, amino acids, minerals, and salts that helps with fat burning, metabolic boosting activities. These ingredients reduce the estrogen levels that reduce the fat deposition and improve the fat burning process. The salts like the ammonium carbinicum control the appetite. The herbal extracts supplies vitamins, improves positive mood, digestion, liver health, etc. the amino acids are helping hands in muscle development, cell repair systems, provides immune boosting, calcium absorption, and also suppresses the appetite to help during the low calorie diet. The minerals like phosphorous protects the cells from the toxins that are released from the fat molecules.

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Triumph HCG Programs

Triumph HCG programs are available in 3 different programs.

  • Triumph HCG 7 day trial pack is for the starters and for those who would like to lose a little bit more body weight after a full longer course. With this HCG program a person may lose up to 10 pounds of excess body weight.
  • HCG Triumph 26 is the most popular HCG weight loss program. With this Triumph HCG program one may lose 25 pounds of body weight.
  • HCG Triumph 40 is for people who are overweight and obese. The 40 day long weight loss program will help with losing up to 45 pounds.
  • Refill packs are also available that will have only the Triumph HCG drops bottle and a bottle of liquid Vitamin B complex. But the refill pack will not have the oral syringe, measuring tape, guide book and other accessories that are generally provided with the full course packs.

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Benefits of triumph HCG

Triumph HCG not only helps in losing the excess body weight but also regulates other metabolic activities in the body. Triumph HCG along with the liquid Vitamin drops, the appetite is reduced boosts the metabolic activities and energy production by burning the stored fat. It is completely safe for men and women and has weight losing effects in both genders.

Triumph HCG Guide Book

The Triumph HCG guide book explains the entire protocol to follow the HCG diet and related information. There are certain rules to follow the HCG diet and only upon strictly following these rules only can one have success in losing weight with Triumph HCG. The mode of administration, the procedure and how to take the triumph HCG drops are all well explained in this guide book which is available with the 26 and 40 day HCG pack and also separate for purchase at the official website of Triumph HCG.

Triumph HCG on sale and discount coupons

Triumph HCG is not available in any of the retail shops or pharmacies, or in any of the usual online stores. Triumph HCG is only available online at the official site of the manufacturer. The direct purchase is the better deal as there are no middle men and is advantageous for the purchaser.


There are discount coupons available for getting better deal for the Triumph HCG. Deals like buy 1 get 1 free and discounts from 5-80% can be availed with the help of coupons. There are many sites where the discount coupons are available. These sites may ask you to sign up to get the coupons. The coupons may be valid for only limited period and the purchaser will have to use it before it expires, to get the benefits.

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