Where To Buy XHCG diet plan & Its Benefits

Where To Buy XHCG diet plan & Its Benefits

XHCG is very simple to use and you can buy it online. Most important benefit while on XHCG diet plan is, it controls appetite and provides sufficient energy at the same time. XHCG is cost effective.

XHCG diet plan

The XHCG diet plan follows a four phase weight loss program. This program has to be followed strictly to get the desired result. The are two diet plans of 23 days and 42 days depending on the weight loss required. There is also the Singles plan which can be done individually and the Couples plan can be done along with a friend or partner. Vitamin supplements can be taken during this weight loss program.

There is also a XHCG weight loss program with the support of Chromemate. Chromemate supplement provides extra energy and greater suppression of appetite and users have found this supplement useful during the diet program.

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XHCG Phase 1
The first phase is the preparatory stage . It is called the loading phase because in this phase, essential fats are eaten in large quantities to load the body with fats for the second phase. This phase is to be followed for 2-3 days depending on the 23 days or 42 day plan.

XHCG Phase 2
This is the main phase. This phase follows a strict diet recommendation of a maximum of 500 calories per day and the XHCG drops thrice daily. Depending on the chosen plan a person loses anywhere between 10 to 25 kg of weight. Only very light or no exercise is recommended during this phase and lasts 21 days or 40 days (depending on plan).

XHCG Phase 3
The third phase is the maintenance phase where the body weight is maintained for at least 3 more weeks. During the first three days, the 500 calories diet is followed without the drops. After that for three weeks, except sugars and starch (rice, potatoes, bread, pastries etc.) different food types, mainly proteins and fats can be taken in moderate quantities. Weight has to be checked everyday and any gain or loss of weight of 1 or 2 kg. has to be adjusted by reducing/increasing food intake. This helps stabilize the weight at the phase 2 level.

XHCG Phase 4
This is the forever phase. Starches and sugars can be started back in limited quantities. Weight has to be monitored frequently to maintain it at the desired level. Small quantities of sweets or other treats can be eaten and these should not alter the body weight.

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XHCG Side Effects
People on this diet tend to experience tiredness, headaches and a light-headed feeling during the first 2 days of dieting. Some people also experience blurred eyes. These symptoms disappear after a couple of days. There is an increase in the level of testosterone for men.

Users of this diet program receive complete and unlimited support during the duration of this program. There is a step by step guide, email support, tracking systems, dietary guidance including recipes and also support and feedback from people who have done this program.


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