Top 3 Fruits On An HCG Diet With Low Sugar

Top 3 Fruits on an HCG Diet with Low Sugar- Apple, Grapefruits, and Papaya. How Do They Work for Weight Loss?

HCG diet is the lowest calorie diet followed to attain weight loss. I would like to call it the starving diet. It is not supposed to ‘starve’ you but effectively you are starving. But unlike other crash diets, the benefit here is that you get your lost calories through the burning of the stored fat. Well, in order to have the same, you must eat fruits, vegetables and other food that are low in sugar.

The sugar is a villain for weight loss, the least you eat the better. With already low calorie intake, it would be unhealthy to cut down all forms of sugar. The best option goes back to natural fruits and vegetables that are low in this content.

You will not find a long list of fruits that are accepted for the HCG diet, there are only few of them. Of the lot there are 3 fruits that really stand out. Though many of the fruits are added to this accepted list because of its low sugar content, the 3 top fruits of these will also have some additional benefits.

Apple benefits in many ways

Let’s start with apple. It is common knowledge, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. It seems it is not just the doctor who is kept away by apple, it also include fat. Apples can work wonders and end up preventing fat deposition. Moreover, being fiber rich it will also keep the hunger and cravings at bay.

  • Makes bulk: Primarily, an apple, with its fiber content makes bulk form in the intestine. This will make us feel fuller. The low sugar and calorie content of this fruit makes it more acceptable. It is the compound pectin that works all the wonders of this fruit. It not only makes the bulk, but would also release the sugar slowly to avoid a sudden sugar boost and crush. The fiber in the gut stays undigested and undergoes fermentation that feeds the good bacteria. These bacteria can fight the bad ones as well as makes you feel fuller.
  • Curbs hunger: Apple is the best way to keep you from over eating and keep the hunger off for a longer while. In HCG diet where you will be eating far less than you usually do, it is most likely to have the food that can fill up for longer. There is no other fruit better than apple for this. An apple makes a perfect dessert for HCG diet. Another compound quercetin, will prevent the breakdown of complex compounds to keep the blood sugar level steady, which also helps in controlling the hunger.
  • Apple day: Another aspect of HCG diet and apples is that, apple can be a sole solace in case you cheated on the diet. Since the recommended calorie intake for the day is only 500 calories, it is very difficult to stick to it. If someone cheats on the diet a day, the next day he/she will have to eat nothing but 6 apples for the whole day. Apple can satisfy their appetite as well as remove the excess water from the body. Remember, apple day must be done only along with the HCG drops, ie, in the Phase 2, in the HCG diet.
  • Solution for water retention: Water retention is main problem with weight loss. if you find a stagnant day or two , it is because of water retention. The water weight must be lost to enable effective weight loss. Apple day helps you be successful in this feat. It will help release those retained water and will also keep them off from the next day onwards.

Grapefruit – The plateau breaker

Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and is added in HCG diet only as half a fruit for a dessert. For best results, choose the pink Florida variety that has far less calories. As any other fruit, it is also rich in fiber and useful compounds that can help digest the food and assist in breakdown or prevention of others.

Effect on metabolic activities: The chief benefit of grapefruit in HCG diet is its effect on metabolic activities. Our body is tuned to act in particular way under each circumstance. When the body receives far less calories than it is used to, for a long time, it tends to reduce the metabolic activities. It is the same as we running the car lesser if we are running out of gas. What the body does not know that there are other sources for these lost calories. The HCG drops helps it find these sources and grapefruit helps in overcoming the metabolic stagnation. The stalling of metabolic activities is dearly called plateau, when the activities slow down and the person finds no weight loss for a day or 2.

On blood sugar: Even half a grapefruit can influence the insulin and reduce its levels in blood. The lack of insulin prevents sugar preservation and allows the sugars to be used for energy. Insulin favors in storing the sugar as fat, we need to prevent that? Use grapefruit, reduce insulin levels, and prevent fat deposition. In the HCG diet any help in any manner is accepted to help lose weight.

Fiber content: The fiber in grapefruit makes the tummy fuller at the end of each meal. Just half a fruit is enough for this. This is also another fruit that can help lose weight solely.

Reduce cholesterol: As an added advantage, the grapefruit can reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the body. The lycopene in this fruit will also help eliminate toxins from the body. Moreover, it works on to increase the body alkalinity. The body must be alkaline to enable smoother weight loss.


  • Papaya- the non-so-popular fruit takes the prize

    Papaya is one of the recommended fruits of HCG diet but there are very few takers for the same. I would highly recommend it for its weight loss ability. If not much, papaya could help eliminate the toxins from the body. Other than the fiber and low calories, papaya contains less fat and many digestive enzymes. It can ensure proper digestion of the food and the body gets fuller nutrition that it is intended. Papaya itself is a bank of lots of nutrients makes it a prize.

    Fiber content makes you fuller and also that it prevents the absorption of calories into the body. The papaya seeds are also useful. Do not discard them, blend them with the fruit to disguise and have it as a dessert. If you are not a big fan of the seeds, have it at least once a week to eliminate toxins and also to reset the digestive system. For the HCG diet stick to one cup serving a day. It can be consumed in any Phase 2 and 3 or the HC diet program.


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