Side Effects of HCG Drops on Women


hcgcomplex Side Effects of HCG Drops on Women
hcgcomplex Side Effects of HCG Drops on Women

HCG Triumph 26 Kit Origina Side Effects of HCG Drops on Women

hcgdirect Side Effects of HCG Drops on Womenofficialhcg Side Effects of HCG Drops on Women
Does HCG Drops have any side effects? This is the most frequently asked question relating to Triumph HCG drops by people – especially by women. They are more health conscious than men it seems.

Majority of the women now-a-days spend more time browsing the net on the tips to lose weight and look slimmer. They do all sorts of exercise and yoga to make them look fit and strong. But end up in no result. Thank God I look thin and slim and people ask me to gain weight. But this is not the case with everyone. And that is why; I feel that my fellow friends should know more about HCG drops, its benefits and side effects.

Women who are beauty and health conscious go for instant relief solutions to lose their weight. And this is where HCG drops play a significant role. HCG is available in drops, injection and pellets. HCG drops give you amazing results when you strictly follow the HCG diet and instructions. It is found that HCG drops have very less side effects on women than HCG injections. Even the intensity and severity is far less than injections. Today, there are plenty of HCG drops available online to treat the causes of weight gain and obesity. At the same time, it has also shown some kind of side effects for women. Yes, there are some side effects of HCG drops on women. But that doesn’t prove to be true for all women. As HCG is a pregnancy hormone, using HCG to lose weight, results in side effects. Not that all women are affected, but some. Whenever you go for any medications, it is a must that you need to know about its side effects. If you are a woman or you are planning to buy HCG drops for your girlfriend or wife or sister or mother – be it anyone, having a clear cut idea of the side effects of HCG drops on women will keep you on the safer zone.

It’s not mandatory that you will have side effects by using HCG Drops. Even if you have a faulty implementation of HCG diet protocols, there are chances for side effects. Negative side effects of HCG on women tend to occur only when you are using HCG injections.HCG injections are not preferred by people in general as it results in pain and cause blood clots. If you are looking for eliminating the excess body fat without experiencing problems then I would recommend you to go for HCG drops. Even though this form of HCG intake for weight loss doesn’t have any serious side effects in women, there are very less cases where some people (women) had experienced some. And another negative thing about HCG is that the pounds that you lose through HCG drops, quickly come back to you once you are off the drops.

Main side effects of HCG drops on women:

  • Hair Loss: one of the most commonly seen side effects of HCG drops on women is the hair loss problem. Why this happens is because, when you are on a HCG diet (low calorie diet), there is less intake of amino acids making the hairs of the body grow less. But that too, it’s not true for all women. Some had hair loss whereas some didn’t have. This can be due to the HCG diet and not by the HCG drops. Even for some men, hair loss is one of the side effects of HCG drops.
  • Skin problems: Another commonly seen side effect of HCG drops on women is skin problems. Skin problems come in the form of skin rashes and skin irritation. And that too, they are not so severe. They come in the form of redness, inflammation, and pain.
  • Body weakness: when you are on a HCG diet, you reduce your calorie intake to 500 calories. This is where you feel you are tired and weak. Having 500 calorie intake daily results in starvation causing body weakness. We all know the fact that if we eat less, our body becomes weak. Same applies here. Side effects of HCG drops on women relating to body weakness include agitation, mood swings, anxiety and headache.
  • Multiple births: An average woman releases one egg during her menstrual cycle. But when she starts using HCG drops, there is an increased possibility for her ovaries to release more than one egg. This state is referred to as hyper-ovulation. HCG hormone is prescribed by doctors to help infertile couples become pregnant. But during this, hyper-stimulation syndrome stage, your ovaries become painful and swollen. It is said that taking HCG drops can affect your ovaries and may develop complications that can at times be life threatening. The symptoms relating to hyper-ovulation include dark urine, abdominal pain and dizziness. If you do come across such situations, make sure you consult with your nearby doctor for immediate assistance.
  • Pregnancy symptoms: when women use HCG drops, they may experience pregnancy related symptoms. These symptoms are a result of hormonal imbalance. Other side effects relating to pregnancy include tender breasts, headaches, water retention, irritability and abdominal pain. In this condition, there will be abdominal pain in the pelvic region along with severe stomach pain, breathing problems, diarrhea, and less urination. Even after you stop taking the HCG drops, HCG remains in your bloodstream for up to 3 days. And after 3 days, the associated side effects are expected to go down.
  • Ovulation problems: Before HCG was used for weight loss problems, it was primarily used for reproductive system disorders like lack of fertilized eggs. HCG drops induce the secretion of fertilized eggs. Some of the side effects of HCG drops on women relating to ovulation complications include nausea, vomiting, back pain and pelvic pain. Once you come across these kinds of symptoms, you must consult your physician immediately.

Apart from the above mentioned side effects of HCG drops, following are the other side effects.

  • Severe Headache
  • Constipation
  • Leg cramps
  • Dizziness
  • Skin rashes
  • Insomnia
  • Metabolism shutdown
  • Quick regaining of lost weight

When you see all these side effects don’t get worried. It’s because of the changed calorie intake and the diet protocol. As you have been going through a high calorie diet and all of a sudden you start with this HCG diet, your body takes time to respond and adapt to it and that is why it shows some side effects. But once your body gets adapted to this HCG diet protocol, say after the initial 7-8 days, these side effects will surely go. But still if you see these side effects even after several weeks of use of the product, it is better to stop using the product and consult your doctor.

HCG drops can be used by both men and women. It’s not just meant for women only. There is also a misconception by men that when they use HCG drops, they are at a high level risk of developing feminine characteristics like breast development. There are no such side effects. Similarly, women are at no risk of getting male pattern hair loss. The actual reason for hair loss is the low calorie HCG diet.

Theresa, one user of HCG drops had posted saying that during the first week, she had severe headaches but that just went away within 6 days. And what she felt best about HCG drops is that she didn’t feel hungry at all even at 500 calorie diet. Her energy level stood the same and didn’t feel tired at all. At times, she felt dizzy but then she had a cup of unsweetened black tea which made her feel energetic and fit. Moving on to second week, she got red dots under her armpits and then this rash started spreading under the waist. But at the end of the day, she lost pounds and her weight reduced from 140 to 127.

Yes, what makes HCG drops the best in the market is their amazing results in weight loss. Not every medicine can put down your weight. But HCG surely can. Some of the benefits of using HCG drops are as follows:

  • HCG drops are safe to use and are less expensive compared to HCG injections.
  • HCG drops help in burning the stored fat in the body
  • It helps in maintaining lean muscles in the body.
  • Another thing what I liked in HCG drops is that they are easy to follow. You need not be concerned about missing a dose as you can take this along with you when you are out of town.
  • HCG drops help in increasing the energy level in your body. As I mentioned above, when you are on HCG diet, you won’t feel hungry and have food cravings. Yeah it is true that during the initial days of HCG diet, you might feel tired and weak as your body is not adjusted to 500 calorie diet per day. And it is during this time that you have the side effects, which you think, comes as a result of HCG drops. But once you are used to HCG drops, trust me, you will not feel hungry and weak. Instead, HCG drops make you feel fit for the whole day. And also improves the well being as a whole.

As a dieter, it is important that you go through the benefits and side effects of any medicine that you are going to buy. As each person’s body is unique in its own way, side effects which are seen in some women may not be seen in others. So once you come to see the side effects even after several weeks of usage, stop using the product and consult your doctor at the earliest.

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Top 3 Fruits On An HCG Diet With Low Sugar

Top 3 Fruits on an HCG Diet with Low Sugar- Apple, Grapefruits, and Papaya. How Do They Work for Weight Loss?

HCG diet is the lowest calorie diet followed to attain weight loss. I would like to call it the starving diet. It is not supposed to ‘starve’ you but effectively you are starving. But unlike other crash diets, the benefit here is that you get your lost calories through the burning of the stored fat. Well, in order to have the same, you must eat fruits, vegetables and other food that are low in sugar.

The sugar is a villain for weight loss, the least you eat the better. With already low calorie intake, it would be unhealthy to cut down all forms of sugar. The best option goes back to natural fruits and vegetables that are low in this content.

You will not find a long list of fruits that are accepted for the HCG diet, there are only few of them. Of the lot there are 3 fruits that really stand out. Though many of the fruits are added to this accepted list because of its low sugar content, the 3 top fruits of these will also have some additional benefits.

Apple benefits in many ways

Let’s start with apple. It is common knowledge, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. It seems it is not just the doctor who is kept away by apple, it also include fat. Apples can work wonders and end up preventing fat deposition. Moreover, being fiber rich it will also keep the hunger and cravings at bay.

  • Makes bulk: Primarily, an apple, with its fiber content makes bulk form in the intestine. This will make us feel fuller. The low sugar and calorie content of this fruit makes it more acceptable. It is the compound pectin that works all the wonders of this fruit. It not only makes the bulk, but would also release the sugar slowly to avoid a sudden sugar boost and crush. The fiber in the gut stays undigested and undergoes fermentation that feeds the good bacteria. These bacteria can fight the bad ones as well as makes you feel fuller.
  • Curbs hunger: Apple is the best way to keep you from over eating and keep the hunger off for a longer while. In HCG diet where you will be eating far less than you usually do, it is most likely to have the food that can fill up for longer. There is no other fruit better than apple for this. An apple makes a perfect dessert for HCG diet. Another compound quercetin, will prevent the breakdown of complex compounds to keep the blood sugar level steady, which also helps in controlling the hunger.
  • Apple day: Another aspect of HCG diet and apples is that, apple can be a sole solace in case you cheated on the diet. Since the recommended calorie intake for the day is only 500 calories, it is very difficult to stick to it. If someone cheats on the diet a day, the next day he/she will have to eat nothing but 6 apples for the whole day. Apple can satisfy their appetite as well as remove the excess water from the body. Remember, apple day must be done only along with the HCG drops, ie, in the Phase 2, in the HCG diet.
  • Solution for water retention: Water retention is main problem with weight loss. if you find a stagnant day or two , it is because of water retention. The water weight must be lost to enable effective weight loss. Apple day helps you be successful in this feat. It will help release those retained water and will also keep them off from the next day onwards.

Grapefruit – The plateau breaker

Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and is added in HCG diet only as half a fruit for a dessert. For best results, choose the pink Florida variety that has far less calories. As any other fruit, it is also rich in fiber and useful compounds that can help digest the food and assist in breakdown or prevention of others.

Effect on metabolic activities: The chief benefit of grapefruit in HCG diet is its effect on metabolic activities. Our body is tuned to act in particular way under each circumstance. When the body receives far less calories than it is used to, for a long time, it tends to reduce the metabolic activities. It is the same as we running the car lesser if we are running out of gas. What the body does not know that there are other sources for these lost calories. The HCG drops helps it find these sources and grapefruit helps in overcoming the metabolic stagnation. The stalling of metabolic activities is dearly called plateau, when the activities slow down and the person finds no weight loss for a day or 2.

On blood sugar: Even half a grapefruit can influence the insulin and reduce its levels in blood. The lack of insulin prevents sugar preservation and allows the sugars to be used for energy. Insulin favors in storing the sugar as fat, we need to prevent that? Use grapefruit, reduce insulin levels, and prevent fat deposition. In the HCG diet any help in any manner is accepted to help lose weight.

Fiber content: The fiber in grapefruit makes the tummy fuller at the end of each meal. Just half a fruit is enough for this. This is also another fruit that can help lose weight solely.

Reduce cholesterol: As an added advantage, the grapefruit can reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the body. The lycopene in this fruit will also help eliminate toxins from the body. Moreover, it works on to increase the body alkalinity. The body must be alkaline to enable smoother weight loss.


  • Papaya- the non-so-popular fruit takes the prize

    Papaya is one of the recommended fruits of HCG diet but there are very few takers for the same. I would highly recommend it for its weight loss ability. If not much, papaya could help eliminate the toxins from the body. Other than the fiber and low calories, papaya contains less fat and many digestive enzymes. It can ensure proper digestion of the food and the body gets fuller nutrition that it is intended. Papaya itself is a bank of lots of nutrients makes it a prize.

    Fiber content makes you fuller and also that it prevents the absorption of calories into the body. The papaya seeds are also useful. Do not discard them, blend them with the fruit to disguise and have it as a dessert. If you are not a big fan of the seeds, have it at least once a week to eliminate toxins and also to reset the digestive system. For the HCG diet stick to one cup serving a day. It can be consumed in any Phase 2 and 3 or the HC diet program.



Trim HCG Injections and HCG Diet

hcginjections Trim HCG Injections and HCG Diet

advancehcg Trim HCG Injections and HCG Dietushcg28 Day HCG Injections Trim HCG Injections and HCG Dietnuimage Trim HCG Injections and HCG Dietihcg2month Trim HCG Injections and HCG Diet

HCG injections are available online and is forbidden to be sold over the counter. For years, these injections were sold over the counter and people have been self administering HCG as per instructions from the manufacturing companies. Currently since the FDA has bannedHCG injections, most HCG products are sold online. There are some good HCG injections and there are others which are not so good and are mixed with certain chemicals. Fortunately, none of the HCG injections are found to have any side effects, but its effectiveness is questioned from time to time when considering the composition and ingredients. Some of the Best HCG manufacturing companies online and offline are those with the credibility to offer a great service. For instance, The Trim HCG injections have the option of Getting HCG injections with Support and without support. The kit itself comes with full instructions on how to administer HCG to yourself and when , where etc. The videos are wonderful and makes a great difference in how things are seen by the public.

HCG injections are usually available from doctors too. The effectiveness of these injections are the same as the doctors do not do anything much different. The only thing which is good about getting HCG injections administered by the doctor is the assurance that you are getting it done right. The effectiveness all depends on how HCG injections are administered and where.

For more infomation on HCG injections check out the Trim HCG Injections website at

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Triumph HCG Drops & Diet Plan at

The Triumph HCG Drops and Diet Plan by HCG Diet is by far one of the most famous Drops and diet plan in the HCG industry. There is very little that people do not know about the Triumph HCG Drops and Diet plan if they have even tried the HCG plan or even considered it.

The Triumph HCG Drops is famous for its effective diet plan and also the drops. The drops and diet put together have had 1000's of people who have had great results, lose weigh and lead a healthy lifestyle. There are little to no people who have not had results from this program.

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Triumph HCG Drops and diet is owned and operated on the website at . HCG diet and drops program recommended in the HCG diet website is completely based on the Protocol recommended by Dr.Simeon. The human chorionic ganodotropin drops and diet is recommended by Dr. Simeon with a diet of 500 calories per day. 500 calories per day is probably not recommended by most health care professionals today and there are claims that the diet could lead to starvation and complicate situations. Fortunately, in the diet program, the Diet is balanced with the right amount of vitamins and minerals. The only thing they cut down is the calorie and the calorie  is often debated by HCG enthusiasts to come from the fat which is burnt. The 500 calorie is simply the catalyst.

The triumph HCG Drops come with 21 days and a 40 day program. you can choose the program of choose depending on the amount of weight you intend to lose. For most people you could be sure that you would lose around 1 pound per day with the program. So if you intend to lose around 40 pounds the 40 pound program is more apt for you. For those who want to go for a shorter term , the 21 day program is the one to choose.

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The triumph HCG Drops program recommends that you go on a strict maintenance phase after the program is complete to maintain the existence phase. Diet is not something which you can do one off. Its a continuous phase and its focused on general wellbeing. For more information, check the link below.

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Triumph HCG – Weight Loss Drops

Triumph HCG is a popular brand for the weight loss HCG drops. Here the HCG dropsare available without the HCG hormone. People are always reluctant to use hormone fearing for any side effects. The Triumph HCG is a proven formula and has been used by many. People have successfully lost weight and have come forward to try another course to lose some more weight. Even though HCG is not scientifically proven to be aiding in weight loss, the HCG drops is provided in a safer diluted form that is mild on the body but have the right effect in mobilizing the stored fat and burning them for energy production, thus reducing the body weight by one pound every day.

triumph Triumph HCG Weight Loss Drops

Triumph HCG drops

The Triumph HCG drops are made with plant extracts, amino acids, minerals, and salts that helps with fat burning, metabolic boosting activities. These ingredients reduce the estrogen levels that reduce the fat deposition and improve the fat burning process. The salts like the ammonium carbinicum control the appetite. The herbal extracts supplies vitamins, improves positive mood, digestion, liver health, etc. the amino acids are helping hands in muscle development, cell repair systems, provides immune boosting, calcium absorption, and also suppresses the appetite to help during the low calorie diet. The minerals like phosphorous protects the cells from the toxins that are released from the fat molecules.

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Triumph HCG Programs

Triumph HCG programs are available in 3 different programs.

  • Triumph HCG 7 day trial pack is for the starters and for those who would like to lose a little bit more body weight after a full longer course. With this HCG program a person may lose up to 10 pounds of excess body weight.
  • HCG Triumph 26 is the most popular HCG weight loss program. With this Triumph HCG program one may lose 25 pounds of body weight.
  • HCG Triumph 40 is for people who are overweight and obese. The 40 day long weight loss program will help with losing up to 45 pounds.
  • Refill packs are also available that will have only the Triumph HCG drops bottle and a bottle of liquid Vitamin B complex. But the refill pack will not have the oral syringe, measuring tape, guide book and other accessories that are generally provided with the full course packs.

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Benefits of triumph HCG

Triumph HCG not only helps in losing the excess body weight but also regulates other metabolic activities in the body. Triumph HCG along with the liquid Vitamin drops, the appetite is reduced boosts the metabolic activities and energy production by burning the stored fat. It is completely safe for men and women and has weight losing effects in both genders.

Triumph HCG Guide Book

The Triumph HCG guide book explains the entire protocol to follow the HCG diet and related information. There are certain rules to follow the HCG diet and only upon strictly following these rules only can one have success in losing weight with Triumph HCG. The mode of administration, the procedure and how to take the triumph HCG drops are all well explained in this guide book which is available with the 26 and 40 day HCG pack and also separate for purchase at the official website of Triumph HCG.

Triumph HCG on sale and discount coupons

Triumph HCG is not available in any of the retail shops or pharmacies, or in any of the usual online stores. Triumph HCG is only available online at the official site of the manufacturer. The direct purchase is the better deal as there are no middle men and is advantageous for the purchaser.


There are discount coupons available for getting better deal for the Triumph HCG. Deals like buy 1 get 1 free and discounts from 5-80% can be availed with the help of coupons. There are many sites where the discount coupons are available. These sites may ask you to sign up to get the coupons. The coupons may be valid for only limited period and the purchaser will have to use it before it expires, to get the benefits.